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Thanks for taking time to swing by! Jazz Inc is a Lindy Hop and Swing Dance collective led by Sinclair Ang, a jazz dance specialist who has been dancing for almost 2 decades and have taught internationally in 20 countries and over 30 cities for more than half that time. The collective promotes all forms of Traditional Jazz Dances and Music in Singapore and around the world. We conduct classes, with teachers specially trained by Sinclair, hold performances, do special workshops for groups and schools, do wedding dances, and do shows for corporate events and festivals. Jazz Inc is also the home of The Rhythmakers, a collective of jazz musicians under Sinclair Ang’s leadership, playing in the style and the repertoire of Swing Dance standards

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Studio Classes begins week of June 22!

We are offering 2 mini-series lasting 4 weeks, with very limited space available for each course to adhere to the current advisory, so do sign up and confirm your place with payment before the course is fully subscribed! The sessions would function like a small group private with classes catered to the participants and more personal attention given to the students given the small class size.

Intermediate Solo Jazz: Combos & Transitions
Tuesdays, 8-930pm, Starts 23 June (4 weeks), location tbc

In this course you will learn variations and combinations to help you work on your technique and learn new vocabulary. You will also learn how to smoothly execute your steps with a focus on transitions.

You need to have knowledge of basic jazz steps to join this course

You need to be comfortable with jazz steps to do this course.

Intermediate Advanced Solo Jazz: Solo-ing in style
Thursdays, 730-9pm, starts 2 July (4 weeks), location tbc

In this course, you will learn how to structure your dancing through understanding how the music and movement works, so that you can express the music through your movement.

You need to be comfortable with jazz steps to do this course.

Course fees: $160

We would like to continue creating awesome dance experiences for everyone and are doing everything we can to ensure that you have peace of mind while attending classes with us. This would include:

– Safe Entry for contact tracing
– the use of the Trace Together app
– health declarations
– temperature taking/hand sanitising procedures
– ensuring the studios we utilise adhere to high standards of sanitisation
– proper distancing measures

We thank you for your continued generosity and support throughout this period, as we continue our work to promote the Jazz arts, culture, history, and values.

Details for all video courses here.

For those with kids or know of friends with kids, we have kids live classes available as well, DM for details!

Private group/solo Zoom class are also available. DM if you’re interested.

Meanwhile, we appreciate your continued support of Jazz Inc and her activities. If you’d like to show some love, details here.

See you all soon! Swing by our Facebook page and @jazzincsg on Instagram to stay connected with us! And do check out the new Circuit Breaker Blues here.

Our Story

Jazz Inc is a collective of dancers led by Sinclair Ang, with the aim of promoting traditional jazz dancing from vernacular Jazz, to Charleston, and Lindy Hop through classes and performances.  With over one and a half decades of international teaching experience in over 20 countries, Sinclair is focused on the education of jazz not only through good and engaging teaching, but also in giving talks about the art form, including it’s history and music. Sinclair leads The Rhythmakers, a band dedicated to playing authentic tunes from the goldern era of Swing specially for dancers. While preserving traditions, Jazz Inc innovates through working with street dances in performances as part of our Freedom Jazz Dance Project.  We do regular adult classes, and also special workshops and presentations for schools of all levels and corporate team building sessions, covering different genres of dancing. Sinclair has also worked with various show choirs as well, including the ITE Show Choir, and is committed to the next generation of dancers, being a part of the Jazz Kids from Kids Performing for almost 11 years since its early days.

Freedom Jazz Dance Project

The Rhythmakers

The dancers have performed both locally and overseas, and in different media and contexts, including dance documentaries and commercials, talk shows, the stage, at festivals like Esplanade’s Flipside and da:ns Festival, SMU Arts Festival, and Got to Move, as well as for the nation on National Day with the Dim Sum Dollies.

Our teachers

More about Jazz Inc

With almost 20 years of dance experience, Sinclair has also conducted numerous workshops over the past decade and a half overseas, in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, in over 20 countries, initially helping many of the fledgling scenes grow in Asia.  With his experience, he personally trains his teaching team to ensure the highest level of classes both in terms of fun and making it easy to learn the dance.

Part of Jazz Inc’s commitment is also to the music, presenting demo-lectures on jazz music and dancing to schools, and was a part of Esplanade’s Bitesize series for several years, educating adults and youths alike in the history and development of Jazz music and dance over the past century.

Sinclair also sings with his Rhythmakers, to present vintage jazz tunes for dancers and listeners alike.  He has sat in and jammed with several of the hottest Swing Dance bands today as well, including the Gordon Webster Band, Stockholm All-Stars, and the Hot Sugar Band.

Our Events


Your health and safety is important to us and Jazz Inc’s classes will go on as scheduled but in a slightly different format. People who are currently taking classes will be updated accordingly so do keep a look out for these updates. New measures will be put in place for upcoming courses and more details will be shared on our channels.

In the meantime please heed the advisories issued by the relevant authorities, continue to wash your hands, see a doctor and avoid attending classes/events if you’re feeling unwell.

This too shall pass and we look forward to seeing in the studio for classes soon!

Swing by!


**The health and well-being of our dancers and community is important to us. In response to the evolving situation with the 2019 Novel Coronavirus, please take note of the following for the consideration of your fellow classmates and instructors:
1. Wash your hands with soap thoroughly before coming into class/socials
2. Do not attend class/socials if you are feeling unwell.
3. Do not attend class/socials if you have recently traveled (2 weeks from date of return) to China, Iran, South Korea, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, UK, or any of the ASEAN countries (barring car travel from Malaysia) or if you’ve been in close contact with someone who has travelled/under Stay Home Notice or Home Quarantine.

Jazz Inc reserves the right to refuse any student from attending class/event if they exhibit signs of illness, not limited to fever, cough and symptoms of flu and cold.

Stay safe, stay healthy and swing your way to good health!
Hoard swing dance time, not household supplies!

Past Events

After much thought and consideration, and in light of the evolving COVID-19 situation and the government’s call to put in place additional social distancing measures, Jazz Inc regrets to inform you that we will be postponing the event Marchin’ and Swingin’ to a later date.

Instead, we’ll be taking the event online on 21 Mar, Saturday, 8pm to 10pm, where The Rhythmakers will be live streaming their swing set and a solo jazz dance class so everyone can continue to swing it in the comfort and safety of your own home. Do join us by tuning in on Facebook and Instagram wherever you are. It’s a great time to share the love of jazz with those at home too. We will also be sharing a recording of Jazz Inc’s beginner class performance via our social media channels! So if you haven’t already, do follow us on http://Facebook.com/jazzinc.SG and Instagram @jazzincsg

Those who have paid for the event can opt for a full refund or choose to donate your entrance fee to Jazz Inc and the musicians for bringin’ the swingin’ good vibes right into the comforts of your home via our live streamed set. For those who can’t join us for the live stream, please consider supporting Jazz Inc during these covid-times by donating your fee as well. For all others, please just get in touch with us directly so we can make the arrangements for your full refund for the event.

Swing & All That Jazz
12 October 2019

As part of National Arts Council’s Got to Move, Jazz Inc is proud to present: Swing and All That Jazz!

This will be a fun and informative evening where you get to learn a bit about the how all the street dances connect from 1920s to present day in a special video-demo lecture, and learn the basics of the Lindy Hop – a jazz partner dance that is all about communicating with your partner without using words! The lecture will be conducted by international Lindy Hop instructor and founder of Jazz Inc, Sinclair Ang.

Stay back and party with Sinclair and His Rhythmakers, a dance band that specialises in Swing Era jazz tunes, and join the rest of the Lindy Hop Community! No experience or partner needed to join!


Crane Club Singapore
The Herencia
46 Kim Yam Road
Singapore 239351