We are offering some studio with limited spaces available for each course to adhere to the current advisory, so do sign up and confirm your place with payment before the course is fully subscribed! The sessions would function like a small group private with classes catered to the participants and more personal attention given to the students given the small class size.

As the safety of our students and teachers during this period of time is a priority for us, and after checking in with the relevant agencies and authorities who have provided us with the necessary precautions and considerations for safe management measures, we are excited to resume restricted partner dances.  We still aim to minimise contact, which means we will be doing some solo and non-contact exercises but we will also re-connect with a partner.

Do note that partnered courses are non-rotational and you have to sign up with a partner – it doesn’t have to be a guy and a girl, but one must be a lead and one a follow and if you’ve difficulty finding a partner but are keen to join in, let me know, and we will try and pair you up with someone else looking for a partner but we advise that you find and work with someone you’re comfortable with.

Do note also that 
– Couples will be socially distanced from each other
– The use of mask before, during and after class is mandatory
– Students will be asked to sanitise their hands before, during and after class

Video Classes also available

Click on any class to expand

Swing Stage: Frankie EditionTuesdays, 8-930pm, starts 13 Apr, $240/person (6 classes)
Teadent Studio (21 Kreta Ayer Road)

The objective of Swing Stage is to provide a space for dancers to work towards a specific goal culminating in a virtual performance. The idea is not to produce a polished product but to provide a platform and opportunity to work towards a specific objective and learning things while having fun along the way.

The framework of the choreography in the performance will be provided, and students will be guided to include elements of their own to add to the choreography. Through the process, students will learn key elements of authentic jazz dancing, both in partner and solo forms, as well as how choreography comes together with the music.

This course will focus on some of Frankie Manning’s favourite steps and put together some routines for World Lindy Hop Day Celebrations livestream with Jazz Inc and The Rhythmakers on 26th May

You should be comfortable doing Lindy Hop and have some knowledge of Authentic Solo Jazz to join this course. You should sign up with a partner (or we can help you find a partner), and spaces are limited.

Swing UnitVirtual, 10min everyday in a week, $35/week (1 unit) or $120/month (4 units)

Sometimes we find that no matter how we practice, we can’t seem to get something right or improve. In learning how to improve on his own dancing, singing and playing jazz piano, trained teacher and international jazz educator, Sinclair Ang, who has over 20 years of experience, made a number of realisations based on his own progress over the years.

For each unit of this programme, you will embark on a daily guided practice regime to master one aspect of your solo dancing, which is usually applicable to your partner work, or one aspect of learning to understand music better to use as inspiration to dancing. The key thing is consistency of small moments practice over time on one aspect with the proper guidance so that you aren’t practicing ineffectively.


  1. Identify one aspect of your dancing, examples (but not limited to)
  • A specific solo jazz step Combinations (from a routine or your own)
  • How to create a short dance phrase
  • Consistency and Application of Pulse (in basic rhythms or solo jazz steps)
  • Identifying the off beat/phrasing/type of song structure
  • How to play with rhythms
  • Ability to keep time dancing/identify the off beats/start of the phrases

2. Send a video (if applicable) of where you’re at regarding that aspect of dancing, so that an assessment and an individualised series of exercises/challenges can be developed.

3. Do the exercise(s) or challenge(s) at a dedicated time slot for 10-15min everyday and video the end of that practice session (30 sec – 1 min, depending on exercise/challenge) if possible.

4. Send the video and get feedback, and possibly get another challenge (or two) midweek to continue to develop on that aspect of your dancing/understanding of the music.

The unit ends exactly 7 (or 31) days after it begins, this is to keep you in check to practice daily.

The Swing Unit is perfect for the dancer who wants to get down to details and want to improve the quality of her or his dancing/understanding the music better for dancing, or for the dancer who is too busy to take studio classes or wants to practice in the comfort of the home, as well as the absolute beginner who wants to learn how to swing dance with individualised learning!


Intermediate Lindy Hop: Technique & MovesWednesdays, 8-930pm, ongoing, $480/couple (6 classes)
Teadent Studio (21 Kreta Ayer Road)

In this course, you will learn how to reinforce and combine the different rhythms to dance comfortably in partnership.  We will be teaching new steps and using them to illustrate certain lead and follow concepts that are important to work on your connection technique. We will also be working on some partnered solo jazz movements along with contactless partnered exercises as a response also to the current advisories. You must have some knowledge of the 8 count, 6 count and 1930s Charleston rhythms and basic patterns to join this series.

Lindy Hop FundamentalsFridays, 8-930pm, starts 9 Apr, $450/couple, $240/person (6 classes)
Teadent Studio (21 Kreta Ayer Road)

In this course, you will learn the basics of this jazz partner dance, and some common patterns as well as the ability to communicate with your partner without words, all to swingin jazz tunes, and it is guaranteed a workout! No experience needed!

We would like to continue creating awesome dance experiences for everyone and are doing everything we can to ensure that you have peace of mind while attending classes with us. This would include:

  • Safe Entry for contact tracing
  • the use of the Trace Together app
  • temperature taking/hand sanitising procedures
  • ensuring the studios we utilise adhere to high standards of sanitisation
  • proper distancing measures

We thank you for your continued generosity and support throughout this period, as we continue our work to promote the Jazz arts, culture, history, and values.

Thanks and keep safe! Swing by!


Traditional Routines: The Big Apple Contest, Al & Leon Shim Sham (Savoy Shim Sham), Frankie Doo (Tranky Doo)

Solo Jazz Fundamentals: learn the basics of the steps and eventually learn how to put them together in a meaningful way, ending in a choreography.

Routines: In There – a collab project between Sinclair Ang (Singapore) and Tatiana Udry Macedo (France); 2 Charleston Routines by Denise Lwin

Details for all video courses here.

For those with kids or know of friends with kids, we have kids live classes available as well, DM for details!

Private group/solo Zoom class are also available. DM if you’re interested.

Meanwhile, we appreciate your continued support of Jazz Inc and our activities. If you’d like to show some love, details here.

In the mean time, please practice good personal hygiene, stay healthy, and stay home unless you need to do essential errands. Keep practicing your solo jazz and see you soon! Swing by Facebook page and @jazzincsg on Instagram to stay connected with us!

Registration and Inquiries for all courses below:

Class Location

Payment & Promos

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Private/Wedding/Corporate Classes and Performances 

We also do private classes for individuals, couples, or groups, from beginner to advanced level, either for general dancing or wedding dance, along with team building workshops and performances for corporate clients.  Email to inquire!


Teadent Space
21 Kreta Ayer Rd
Singapore 088991
Closest MRT Stations: Outram Park/Chinatown/Telok Ayer

LifeSpark Studio
1A Aliwal St, Chenn Leonn Building
Singapore 199894
Closest MRT Stations: Nicoll Highway/Bugis

*Please note that JAZZ INC or any of its teachers are not responsible for any injury incurred by anyone during any classes or events. Anyone signing up for classes agree to not hold the teachers or the studios liable for any injury incurred in class.


Payment made 14 days before the start date of the class will get a $10 discount off courses, $5 off 4 week packages, and $2 off single classes. Payment details on the registration forms.

Alternatively, you can pay on the same day or at the door with an addition $2 (class)/$5 (special workshop/mini series)/$10 (course) admin charge, though you could be faced with a full class and be turned away.

NOTE: payment must be made before day of class to confirm place. Payment once done for a specific course is non-refundable, but with a $20 admin fee (per 3 months), can be credited and transferred to a later course on a case by case basis.

We remain the right to change any course and payment details, and has the right to alter any decision related to course and payment details. We are also not responsible for any injuries incurred or loss of property, and by signing up for any course we offer, you agree to these terms.

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