We are offering some studio with limited spaces available for each course to adhere to the current advisory, so do sign up and confirm your place with payment before the course is fully subscribed! The sessions would function like a small group private with classes catered to the participants and more personal attention given to the students given the small class size.

As the safety of our students and teachers during this period of time is a priority for us, and after checking in with the relevant agencies and authorities who have provided us with the necessary precautions and considerations for safe management measures, we are excited to resume restricted partner dances.  We still aim to minimise contact, which means we will be doing some solo and non-contact exercises but we will also re-connect with a partner.

Do note that partnered courses are non-rotational and you have to sign up with a partner – it doesn’t have to be a guy and a girl, but one must be a lead and one a follow and if you’ve difficulty finding a partner but are keen to join in, let me know, and we will try and pair you up with someone else looking for a partner but we advise that you find and work with someone you’re comfortable with.

Do note also that 
– Couples will be socially distanced from each other
– The use of mask before, during and after class is mandatory
– Students will be asked to sanitise their hands before, during and after class

Video Classes also available

Click on any class to expand


Intermediate Lindy Hop: ReconnectionTuesdays, 8-930pm, starts 3 Nov, $320/couple (4 classes)
Teadent Studio (21 Kreta Ayer Road)

In this course, we will rediscover and reconnect with our partner dancing skills as we go through all the different aspects regarding connection, lead and follow technique, as well as getting back into the groove with a partner to the music. We will also be working on some partnered solo jazz movements along with contactless partnered exercises as a response also to the current advisories. You must be comfortable with the 8 count, 6 count and 1930s Charleston rhythms and basic patterns to join this series

Open Level Lindy Hop: Switch!Wednesdays, 8-930pm, starts 11 Nov, $320/couple (4 classes)
Teadent Studio (21 Kreta Ayer Road)

In this course, you will learn how the secrets of both leading and following, the demands of both roles, so that you can better appreciate your partner, have a better grasp of your own dominant role in the dance. You will begin to understand that you have to follow even as a leader, and lead even as a follow. But most of all it is just great fun! You must be comfortable with the 8 count, 6 count and 1930s Charleston rhythms and basic patterns for at least one role (lead or follow), and some knowledge of the opposite role would be useful but not necessary to join this series

Intro to Swing & CharlestonSundays, 6-730pm, starts 15 Nov, $300/per couple, 4 classes, Teadent Studio
In this course, you will learn the basics of this jazz partner dance, which includes the 6 count rhythm as well as the 1930s charleston. You will learn some common patterns as well as the ability to communicate with your partner without words, all to swingin jazz tunes, and it is guaranteed a workout! No experience needed!


Beginner-Intermediate Solo Jazz: Transitions and CombosFridays, 745-915pm, starts 30 Oct, $225/6 class, LifeSpark Studio

In this course, you will reinforce everything you’ve learnt in solo jazz fundamentals to build on your foundations and get you comfortable putting steps together and learning some traditional combos as well! Basic knowledge of solo jazz needed

Intermediate Solo Jazz: MusicalityWednesdays, 8-930pm, 28/10 & 4/11, $40/class, Teadent Space

In this course, you will learn to structure your dancing through understanding how the music and movement works, so that you can express the music through your movement. We will also do mini-routines with the concepts taught over the course period, along with learning how to dance socially in the social big apple as well as some call and response interaction. You need to have knowledge of basic jazz steps to join this course. We are down to our last 2 classes for the course, working on Blues Structure for 28/10 class, and patterns in swing music on 4/11.

Beginner Solo Jazz: FundamentalsThursdays, 745-915pm, starts 15 Oct (6 weeks), $20/class drop in, LifeSpark Studio

In this course, you will be introduced to the basic fundamentals and movement behind authentic solo jazz dancing, so that you can express the joys of jazz with your body and movement. We will work on combos and short routines with the steps we learn, along with fundamental technique that will get you groovin’! As the course has started, we only accept new participants who have some experience in solo jazz to join in for a refresher!

We would like to continue creating awesome dance experiences for everyone and are doing everything we can to ensure that you have peace of mind while attending classes with us. This would include:

  • Safe Entry for contact tracing
  • the use of the Trace Together app
  • temperature taking/hand sanitising procedures
  • ensuring the studios we utilise adhere to high standards of sanitisation
  • proper distancing measures

We thank you for your continued generosity and support throughout this period, as we continue our work to promote the Jazz arts, culture, history, and values.

Thanks and keep safe! Swing by!


Traditional Routines: The Big Apple Contest, Al & Leon Shim Sham (Savoy Shim Sham), Frankie Doo (Tranky Doo)

Solo Jazz Fundamentals: learn the basics of the steps and eventually learn how to put them together in a meaningful way, ending in a choreography.

Routines: In There – a collab project between Sinclair Ang (Singapore) and Tatiana Udry Macedo (France); 2 Charleston Routines by Denise Lwin

Details for all video courses here.

For those with kids or know of friends with kids, we have kids live classes available as well, DM for details!

Private group/solo Zoom class are also available. DM if you’re interested.

Meanwhile, we appreciate your continued support of Jazz Inc and our activities. If you’d like to show some love, details here.

In the mean time, please practice good personal hygiene, stay healthy, and stay home unless you need to do essential errands. Keep practicing your solo jazz and see you soon! Swing by Facebook page and @jazzincsg on Instagram to stay connected with us!

Registration and Inquiries for all courses below:

Class Location

Payment & Promos

Click on any class to expand
Beginner Lindy Hop: 8-count Rhythm


Come and learn the 8 count rhythm of the Lindy Hop in series for those who would like to be a part of this happy dance! This dance will definitely put a smile on your face, as you learn how to groove to the hip hop of the Swing Era. You will learn the basics of this jazz partner dance, along with connection techniques that will get you to communicate with your partner without words in the dance, along with some cool solo steps to express yourself to the music! You need both this and the Intro to Swing & Charleston series (which alternates with this) to have all the basics of the dance. No experience or partner needed!

Beginner Lindy Hop: Intro to Swing & Charleston


Come and learn the happy dance for that extra dose of fun and exercise! This dance will definitely put a smile on your face, as you learn how to groove to the infectious jazz tunes form the Swing Era. You learn the basics of the 6 count rhythm, the jig, and the charleston, along with connection techniques that will get you to communicate with your partner without words in the dance! You need both this and the 8 count rhythm series (which alternates with this) to have all the basics of the dance. No experience or partner needed.

Solo Jazz/Charleston Video Instructionals Details in registration form below
Intermediate Lindy Hop


Time to reinforce your learning with this new series to get you comfortable before joining the Intermediate on going classes. Here you will learn how to mix your 6 and 8 count rhythms, along with Charleston rhythms to make your dancing flow. We will also work on technique so that you’ll become a better social dancer. You will also be introduced to more solo authentic jazz steps to add to your dancing! You need to know the basics of the 8 count Lindy Hop as well as the 6 count swing and Charleston rhythms to join this course.

Clinic & Practice Session

Cost: Couple: $50 for Jazz Inc students, or $60 if one is non-Jazz Inc Trio: $70 for a trio (with both lead and follow) of Jazz Inc students, $85 if one or more non-Jazz Inc student(s)

There’s a gap between the class and the social dance floor, and this Clinic and Practice Session is here to address that! There will be a 15min+ session from 745pm where a couple of concepts and exercises that will help you in your own practice along with tips on how to improve your dancing will be presented by international instructor Sinclair Ang, followed by an open session where he will be around to help you with your dancing with a MINI-PRIVATE and personal attention even as you continue practicing at the space. Do note that other than the concepts and advice, actual steps will not be taught in this class as it is to help you consolidate or clarify things you’ve been working on or have learnt in class and for the instructors to help you improve on your dancing. Music will be provided in the background. LIMITED TO 8 COUPLES. PRE-REGISTRATION NEEDED.

Private/Wedding/Corporate Classes and Performances 

We also do private classes for individuals, couples, or groups, from beginner to advanced level, either for general dancing or wedding dance, along with team building workshops and performances for corporate clients.  Email to inquire!


Teadent Space
21 Kreta Ayer Rd
Singapore 088991
Closest MRT Stations: Outram Park/Chinatown/Telok Ayer

LifeSpark Studio
1A Aliwal St, Chenn Leonn Building
Singapore 199894
Closest MRT Stations: Nicoll Highway/Bugis

*Please note that JAZZ INC or any of its teachers are not responsible for any injury incurred by anyone during any classes or events. Anyone signing up for classes agree to not hold the teachers or the studios liable for any injury incurred in class.


Payment made 14 days before the start date of the class will get a $10 discount off courses, $5 off 4 week packages, and $2 off single classes. Payment details on the registration forms.

Alternatively, you can pay on the same day or at the door with an addition $2 (class)/$5 (special workshop/mini series)/$10 (course) admin charge, though you could be faced with a full class and be turned away.

NOTE: payment must be made before day of class to confirm place. Payment once done for a specific course is non-refundable, but with a $20 admin fee (per 3 months), can be credited and transferred to a later course on a case by case basis.

We remain the right to change any course and payment details, and has the right to alter any decision related to course and payment details. We are also not responsible for any injuries incurred or loss of property, and by signing up for any course we offer, you agree to these terms.

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