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Almost Christmas Schedule-1

Almost Christmas Weekend with Anne-Helene & Bernard (France)
14 – 16th Dec 2018 (Fri – Sun)

Although the classes are split into “Blues”, “Balboa” etc. the main focus of the weekend is about intentionality in dancing to Jazz music, having the vocabulary, the movement technique, that comfortable connection, and being able to express the music. Anne-Hélène and Bernard have all the tools and experience to impart these aspects of dancing, from being a musician (Bernard) and a dancer trained in the Franklin method (Anne-Hélène), and a long time partnership in doing Blues and Balboa – dances that really rely on connection and rhythms, feeling and the music.



730-830pm Ain’t Nothing But the Blues (Open level class)
830-1130pm Swing Dance Party (Live music + Performances)

(Knowledge of Balboa basics needed for day time workshops)

1130am-1pm Slow Bal
230-4pm Bal Specials

730-830pm That Blues Feeling (featuring Bernard on guitar)
830-1130pm Swing Dance Party (Live music + Performances)

(Classes applicable to most partner jazz dances, knowledge of Lindy Hop basics needed)

1-2pm Movement and Technique
2-3pm Footwork Variations
3-4pm Musicality!


Full Weekend Pass (2 parties and 2 classes at the parties) :
$260 First 15 (SOLD OUT)
$290 Up to 30 Nov
$310 From December

$250 Overseas Registration

Other Passes:
$110 2 Day Party (+ party classes) Pass OR Single Day Workshop (3hrs)
$65 1 Party + Party Class
$40 1 Party

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