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Almost Christmas Weekend with Anne-Helene & Bernard (France):14-16th Dec 2018 (Fri-Sun)

Although the classes are split into “Blues”, “Balboa” etc. the main focus of the weekend is about intentionality in dancing to Jazz music, having the vocabulary, the movement technique, that comfortable connection, and being able to express the music. Anne-Hélène and Bernard have all the tools and experience to impart these aspects of dancing, from being a musician (Bernard) and a dancer trained in the Franklin method (Anne-Hélène), and a long time partnership in doing Blues and Balboa – dances that really rely on connection and rhythms, feeling and the music.

730-830pm Ain’t Nothing But the Blues (Open level class)
830-1130pm Swing Dance Party (Live music + Performances)

SATURDAY (Knowledge of Balboa basics needed for day time workshops)

1130am-1pm Slow Bal
230-4pm Bal Specials

730-830pm That Blues Feeling (featuring Bernard on guitar)
830-1130pm Swing Dance Party (Live music + Performances)

SUNDAY (Classes applicable to most partner jazz dances, knowledge of Lindy Hop basics needed)

1-2pm Movement and Technique
2-3pm Footwork Variations
3-4pm Musicality!


Full Weekend Pass (2 parties and 2 classes at the parties) :
$260 First 15
$290 Up to 30 Nov
$310 From December

$250 Overseas Registration

Other Passes:

$110 2 Day Party (+ party classes) Pass OR Single Day Workshop (3hrs)
$65 1 Party + Party Class
$40 1 Party

Registration: https://goo.gl/forms/i6yzCBbhK4lk6Iwr1



It’s been a decade long journey, and we have reached out to dancers from 5 years old and up, in about 20 countries around the world, through classes, performances, lectures, and writings. I am really grateful for all the support we’ve had in this journey, and for all the opportunities we’ve had, including working with the Dim Sum Dollies for National Day, which kind of sparked off the existence of Jazz Inc

Join us in celebrating 10 years of joy! We are offering 10 classes at just $10 (yes you can take any number of classes). The half-hour taster classes range from Lindy Hop, to Tap and Blues, to House. If you were ever interested in having a go at any of these genres, spend an entire afternoon with us and check things out (and bring friends)!

The classes are all tasters and beginner friendly, so we hope that we can bring the joy of jazz to more people (so dancers, do share this with your friends!), but we would love to see students old, current, and new at the party! Swing by and say hi!

3-330pm Understanding Jazz Music [FULL]
330-4pm Solo Jazz [FULL]
4-430pm Swing (Partner) [FULL]
430-5pm Balboa (Partner) [FULL]
5-530pm Tap OR Blues [FULL]
530-6pm 1920s Solo Charleston OR Hip Hop [FULL]
6-630pm 1920s Partner Charleston OR House [FULL]

730-8pm Swing Dance Taster
8-11pm Party: Sinclair Ang Swingtet (5 piece Swing Band), Games, Performances, Competitions

*No partner needed for partner classes and all classes are for absolute beginners

** ALL tasters are now FULLY SUBSCRIBED. You can swing by on the day itself and go on the waitlist on a first come first served basis for each class in case there are no shows OR you can also attend a Swing taster at the party itself (730-8pm).

Classes: $10 for any number of classes, but please note that as spaces are limited, do be considerate and tick (below) only classes you are able to attend for sure, so that you give others a chance

Party prepayment (5th Sept last day): $10 for absolute beginners/full time students, $15 for current Jazz Inc students, $20 for dancers

Party entrance at the door $15/$20/$25 respectively

*Details are subject to change at any time

We would like to thanks Wings to Wings studio for hosting and for the partial sponsorship of the space for the celebrations!


Don’t have a date on Valentine’s Day?

Have a date on Valentine’s Day and want to do something different and special?

Don’t care for Valentine’s Day but would love to do something really fun?

Swing by for Jazz Inc’s 2nd edition of “A Swingin Valentine’s” where you’ll get to learn how to dance to some of the best love tunes ever to come out of popular culture… from Tin Pan Alley through to the Jazz Age. Learn how to communicate with your partner without words and have fun groovin to the music! Class will be taught by international instructor Sinclair Ang, who has been doing the dance for almost 2 decades, teaching in nearly 20 countries and over 30 cities!

For dancers and non-dancers alike! Dancers from the community, do swing by and have fun in the class as well – it is beginner friendly but will definitely have a strong element of communication and fun!

Tell your friends and swing by! Dancers, this is the perfect way to get your friends to try this amazing dance!

8-9pm Special Swing Partner Dance Class – no experience needed (swing by even if you’ve experience)!
9-11pm Swing Social Dancing to DJed music

$15 per person
$25 for newbie couple sign up
$8 for students

Register below if you’re keen to swing by for the class as there are limited spaces!

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