Chelsea Monteiro

Chelsea started dancing at the age of 7 and has trained under Sandra Ho (Ballet), Sinclair Ang (Authentic Jazz and Swing), Zaki Ahmad (Modern and contemporary dance) and Amin Alifin (Waacking), among others over the next 2 decades. She has participated in numerous dance performances and competitions both locally and abroad since 2004 and has attained many achievements over the years. Recently in 2018, she clinched second runner-up at the World Championship Finals at United Dance Organisation (UDO) Glasgow with her crew, The Débutante, and has attained multiple Championship titles in the local dance competition, All Babes Cineleisure Dance since 2015. With her continual, growing passion for dance, Chelsea hopes to consistently train and expose herself to all that dance has to offer, while teaching and sharing her own style and what her mentors have taught her to the younger generations. She teaches various genres for Jazz Inc, including hip hop, contemporary, jazz, swing, for adults and kids.