Sinclair Ang

Sinclair Ang is the founder of JAZZ INC. Having taught Swing Dancing over one and a half decades, and two decades of dance experience, Sinclair Ang has also taught and performed in over 30 cities and 20 countries across Europe and Asia-Pacific, bringing his unique approach to the dance and music to scenes everywhere.  He is no stranger to TV in Singapore as well, having appeared in documentaries and features on dance. In Singapore, Sinclair is also committed to working with youths, including working on the Jazz Kids for the past 11 years – children who sing jazz standards and dance authentic jazz steps. He has conducted workshops and given lecture-demonstrations to numerous Primary, Secondary and Tertiary institutions on Jazz dancing and the Music. He has also worked with youths at risk from Beyond Social Services, as well as helped young inmates as part of the National Youth Achievement Award. Sinclair also leads the Rhythmakers, who play jazz standards from the golden era of jazz, for dancers and listeners alike.