Rockin’ In Rhythm


Get ready for a whole weekend of amazing workshops and parties come June 12-14, brought to you by the Rhythm Masters – Dax Hock (USA), Sarah Breck (USA), Thomas Blacharz (France), Alice Mei (France), and Jamin Jackson (USA), here on the sunny tropical island of Singapore!

The focus of Rockin’ in Rhythm is a return to what makes Swing dancing special – its rhythms and its playfulness. The weekend will feature 10-hours of workshops in both Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz by these popular internationally acclaimed teachers. There will also be 3 great parties with performances, live bands, competitions over the weekend, as well as pre-/post-weekend parties and food tours to the amazing tastes of the uniquely Singaporean cuisine!

Swing by!

Full package: $380

Weekend Party Pass: $180

Workshop Day Pass: $140 (doesn’t include party)

Individual Party Pass:
Friday – $60 (Class, Performances)
Saturday – $100 (Band, Class, Dinner, Performances, Competition)
Sunday – $60 (Band)

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